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2012 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG Coupe review

2012 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG Coupe review

New Mercedes CL63 AMG Coupe Biturbo

By Ian Lynas, 21st November 2012

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New Mercedes CL63 AMG Coupe Biturbo road test

Outside the Mercedes-Benz World awaited one of the company’s most desirable cars, the CL AMG V8 Coupe. The performance brand of the Mercedes Car Group celebrated its 40th birthday in 2007 with this awesome vehicle.

The AMG engine housed beneath the long bonnet delivers: rest to 62mph takes a whisker over four seconds and although capable of a maximum speed of 186mph, the power unit is restricted to 155mph. Power output is 571bhp.

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New Mercedes CL63 AMG Coupe

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Rest to 62mph takes whisker over four seconds

Of course you will recognise it, perhaps on a second glance with its AMG bodystyling, chunky 19 inch AMG wheels, its unique AMG interior and highly advanced technology, such as the AMG sports suspension based on the Active Body Control system and the anticipatory occupant protection system.

With all this power at the command of the right foot, what about stopping power? The AMG high-performance brake system offers maximum stopping power without fading is most reassuring.

This impressive engine data is the key to exceptional performance figures and superbly assured driving dynamics. It's no real surprise that this engine is also in its element when cruising effortlessly in high gear.

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2012 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG interior

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Response is as impressive as it is smooth

Response is as impressive as it is smooth; low-vibration running qualities, which guarantee the high level of touring comfort typically associated with Mercedes. The power is transmitted to the wheels by the AMG MCT seven speed automatic transmission with AMG gearshift paddles and DIRECT SELECT gearshift.

An S/C/M button in the centre console allows you to choose between the Sport, Comfort and Manual driving modes. As well as changing the transmission characteristics, these modify the accelerator response and the spring/damper settings of the AMG sports suspension can also be shifted manually at any time by means of the shift paddles on the AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel.

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Mercedes CL63 AMG cabin

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Interior is high quality with dynamic styling

The AMG sports suspension almost completely eliminates the body movements that occur when moving off, cornering and braking. Handling is truly impressive and high comfort levels for all onboard, luxury and performance combine in this well engineered Merc.

The interior is high quality with dynamic styling and its use of the finest materials: the AMG sports seats have a special upholstery layout as well with both multi contour and massage functions. The all-nappa-leather upholstery sports the new AMG V12 diamond pattern and metal AMG badges adorn all four seats.

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New Mercedes CL63 AMG

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Price as tested, £149,235

The AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel has a specially sculpted rim and AMG gearshift paddles.

What price for this level of performance and luxury? The price as tested is £149,235.

Two more facts: fuel economy is 26.9mpg on the combined fuel cycle and the insurance group rating is 50E.

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