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Meet The Team

The Editor

Bob Hume

Bob Hume

Bob controls and publishes all content on UTV Drive Magazine. He is responsible for sourcing news and analysing research, as well as attending new car launches and writing car reviews.

Technical Director

Paul Green

Paul Green

Paul turns design concepts into working web pages. He also attends new car launches, reviews cars and is a fan of motor sports.

Creative Director

Chris Huston

Chris Huston

Chris is the main creative force in the team and is responsible for all the visual output, ranging from design to photography. He is also a regular contributor.

PR Manager

Deirdre Mills

Deirdre Mills

Deirdre manages the Public Relations area of the magazine, controls communications plus she is responsible for the day-to-day running of the magazine's office. Deirdre also provides content and reviews for the magazine.

Regular Contributors

David Mason

David is our researcher and a regular contributor. He lists among his achievements, several marathon charity rallies including Mongolia and the Arctic Circle and has owned more cars than anyone else he knows.

Ian Lynas

Ian is a local motoring journalist with many years of experience behind him.

Steve Hewitt

Steve is relatively new to the field of writing but has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of cars.

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